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Teach Sudan’s My Own Tutor is a unique tuition service that combines the very best in Year 1 – 11 online education, tailored tutoring, dedicated career guidance and family packages that include rewards and savings to help pay for student tuition.

We specialise in Maths and English tuition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and provide learning in 14 other GCSE subjects including languages......Read More

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What We Do

Teach Sudan’s My Own Tutor aims to ensure that all our children reach their full potential and achieve:


  • Advanced, child-centred learning

  • Continuous academic development

  • Pass grade or higher for all learners

  • A* – B (9-5) for more able students

  • Mentoring and career guidance

  • Work experience opportunities

                                                                             Teach Sudan offers students the chance to achieve 100% success


We work with aspirational parents who want the very best educational outcomes for their children.

  • Our program adapts itself to student levels and abilities and ensures fast progress is made through fun and engaging learning.

  • Parents and carers have full control and transparency with weekly progress reports.

  • Our students own their journey through an individualised and engaging programme of learning that develops independent, ambitious learners.

  • We mentor students and provide access to universities and work opportunities.

  • We enable parents, carers and adult learners to support themselves and young learners.

  • We offer rewards and savings that will help you to pay for student sessions.

Why Choose Us

Teach Sudan’s My Own Tutor offers the best value and quality service – compare us against the rest and call now for a free session!


Teach Sudan is an online and face to face tuition centre providing targeted Maths and English lessons and an engaging online curriculum for 5 – 16 year olds in 14 different GCSE subjects.

Teach Sudan also provides support with work experience, mentoring opportunities and access to top UK universities.

In addition, Teach Sudan provides English as a Second language (ESOL) and adult learning to the Sudanese community to support its continued success and achievement in the UK.

Teach Sudan’s My Own Tutor service is suitable and affordable enough to meet a wide range of needs, particularly students wanting to:

  • Make accelerated progress in English and Maths

  • Consolidate other subject knowledge

  • Prepare for 11+ and 13+ and other entry exams

  • Achieve their full potential

  • Aim for top universities  

  • Find extra support

  • Catch up/make progress

how it works

A Student's VIEW


  • Identify any gaps or weaknesses that the student might have

  • Easy to understand and allow parents and students to see the progress made and areas that need more attention

  • Weekly emails to highlight the work completed in the previous week and how he students did.

  • For home study students information from the reports will also be discussed in the monthly telephone meeting with your guiding mentor.